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The Tanana Valley has many critical needs, but alcohol and drug abuse require our urgent attention.
Please designate $ of my gift to the Initiative Fund.


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Why Support The United Way Campaign?

To give back to the Community that has given you your livelihood!

Not to mention helping others...

  • Give kids mentors and lifelong friends
  • Assist seniors to help others and give their lives meaning
  • Teach less fortunate people to read
  • Help kids stay off drugs and alcohol
  • Give new parents parenting skills
  • Help military families cope with deploymen
  • Feed families during a temporary crisis
  • Reduce the level of juvenile crime while teaching youth the value of social justice
  • Help a family to adopt a child
  • Help people in an emergency or natural disaster
  • Shelter a battered wife and her children
  • Provide clothing and to those who have none
  • Assist disabled adults and children
  • Give a homeless child a home and caring adults
  • Teach lifelong living skills to boys and girls
  • Help a family member to die in peace and dignity at home
  • Provide youth with safe, healthy, and fun activities

...and these are just a few of the things our 20 United Way Member Agencies do for our community

For information about how to connect with United Way, call 452-7211, ext. 23.

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